Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Word Meaning

inextricably - Inextricably is an adverb that means in a manner that is impossible to unravel or separate from something else.
mite - a minute arachnid that has four pairs of legs when adult, related to the ticks. Many kinds live in the soil and a number are parasitic on plants or animals.
Ex- The pre-Aryans, the Indo Aryans, the Greeks, the Scythians, the Hunas the Turks, etc. made India their home. Each ethnic group contributed its mite to the evolution of Indian social system, art and architecture, and literature. All these peoples and their cultural traits mixed up so inextricably with one another that at present none of them can be clearly identified in their original form.

clamour -  a loud and confused noise, especially that of people shouting vehemently.
vehement - marked by forceful energy : powerful.
Ex- some people clamour for the restoration of ancient culture and civilization.

encumber - restrict or burden (someone or something) in such a way that free action or movement is difficult.
Ex- We cannot ignore the fact that the ancient Indian society was marked by social injustice. The lower orders, particularly the shudras and untouchables, were encumbered with disabilities which are shocking to the modern mind.

Vestige - a trace of something that is disappearing or no longer exists.
Ex- India cannot develop speedily unless such vestiges of the past are removed from its society.

vicious - deliberately cruel or violent.
Ex- The caste system was considered to be the most vicious form of social discrimination.

antagonism - active hostility or opposition.
Ex- The British in India had always held aloof from the Indians believing that social distance from Indians had to be maintained to preserve authority over them. They also felt themselves to be racially superior. This is the case of 'Racial Antagonism'.

repudiate - deny the truth or validity of.
Ex- The Brahmo Samaj made effort to reform Hindu religion by removing abuses and by basing it on the worship of one God and on the teachings of the Vedas and Upanishads even though it repudiated the doctrine of the infalliability of the Vedas.

penchant - a strong or habitual liking for something or tendency to do something.
Ex- Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has a penchant for selfies, on Friday clicked one with his Chinese counterpart Li Keqiang in what could be termed as a power- packed selfie with premiers of two big nations in one frame.

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