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Daily News Mail - News of 16/02/2015

Bhupati Krishnamurthy ‘Telangana Gandhi’ passes away

  • Veteran freedom fighter had passed away ,he was also known as "Telangana Gandhi " by heart stroke late on Sunday night at his residence in Grimajipet 
  • He was 89 year old and the president of Telangana Praja Samithi (TPS)
  • He was a closed associate of Mahatma Gandhi and had accompanied with Mahatma Gandhi on his visit to Warangal town then.
  • He, however refuse to merge TPS(Telangana Praja Samithi) with TRS(Telangana Rashtra Samithi) party and remained a long fighter till the end. Telangana Praja Samithi was an Indian political party which fought for statehood for the Telangana region. In 1971 TPS merged with Congress. TRS led by K.Chandrashekhar Rao is currently running the government in Telangana.
  • In 1952 he opposed the merger of Telangana with Andhara and continue his struggle for separate Telangana.
  • He contest on the TPS party thrice but lost with narrow margins,he refused the ticket offered by congress as well as TDP and stuck to his stand for  statehood to  Telangana
  • He does't even own a house and lost all his wealth fighting for the freedom of country and later on Telangana.

Promise of a new beginning as Sirisena lands
  •  The President of Sri Lankan Maithripala Sirisena arrived in New Delhi on Sunday evening with his wife Jayanthi  Puspa Kumari with a promise for a "new beginning" in India and Sri Lanka ties.
  • This is Sirisena first visit abroad after he became the President of Sri Lanka.

India won against Pakistan in World Cup
  • In a match of 11th world cup which held on 15 February in Adelaide Oval, Adelaide, India beats Pakistan and won by 76 runs.
  • Player of the match- Virat Kohli (Scored 107 runs on 126 balls)
  • First ever ODI  was played between Canada and United State on 24 and 25 September 1844.
  • First credited test match was played between Australia and England in 1877 and from that time they two teams competed regularly for the Ashes in subsequent years. 
  • Cricket was also introduced to the Summer Olympics in 1900 Paris games where Great Britain defeated France to win the Gold medal,this was the only appearance of the Cricket at Summer Olympics.
  • In early 1960 England team began played a shortened version which only last for one day.
  • The first One-Day International event was played on the fifth day of a rain-aborted test match between England and Australia at Melbourne in 1971, to fill the time available and as compensation for the frustrated crowd. It was a forty over match with eight balls per over.
  • The inaugural Cricket world cup was hosted in 1975 by England and was started on June 7 and first three matches were hosted by the England and officially known as Prudential Cup after the sponsors of Prudential Inc.
  • The matches consists of 66 balls over per team,playing during the daytime in traditional form with the player wearing Cricket white and using red ball .
  • Eight team participate during first tournament Australia,England, India,New-Zealand, Pakistan, and the West Indies (they are the only six test nations at the time),the tournament was won by the West Indies, who defeated Australia by 17 runs in the final 
  • When the 1979 World Cup was held their seems many introduction of the ICC Trophy competition to select non-test playing teams for the World Cup,with the Sri lanka and Canada qualifying,the cup was won by the West Indies a second consecutive World cup tournament, defeating the hosts England by 92 runs in the final,after that the a meeting was conducted which followed the World Cup, the International Cricket conference agreed to make the competition a quadrennial event.
  • The 1983 event was hosted by England for a third consecutive time. By this stage, Sri Lanka had become a test playing nation and Zimbabwe qualified through the ICC Trophy. 
  • A fielding circle was introduced 30 yard (27m) away from the stumps.
  • In this match India an outsider quoted at 66-1 to win by bookmakers before the competition began, and were won champions after upsetting the West Indies by 43 runs in the final in this match the captaincy of Kapil Dev  and the West Indies lost the match under the captaincy of Clive Lloyd on Lord's,London, at United Kingdom. 
  • In 1987 tournament, the first time that competition was held outside England and India and Pakistan jointly hosted the tournament,the game was reduced from 60 to 50 overs per innings, the current standard, because of the shorter daylight hours in the Indian subcontinent compared with England's because of the shorter daylight hours in the Indian subcontinent compared with England's summer
  • Australia won the championship by defeating England by 7 runs in the final, the closest margin in World Cup final history.       
  • The 1992 World cup,held in Australia and New Zealand, introduced many changes to the game, such as coloured clothing, white balls, day/night matches and a change to the fielding restriction rules,the South Africa team participated in the event for the first time.  
  • There are 19 teams are participated this time , Afghanistan is the new among 19 teams  which is qualifying for the world cup 2015.
  • The current trophy is made from silver and gild, and features a golden globe held up by three silver columns.the columns, shaped as stumps and bails, represent the three fundamental aspect of cricket that is batting, bowling and fielding,while the globe characterises a cricket ball ,it stands 60 cm high and weighs approximately 11kilograms.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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