Tuesday, 10 February 2015

General Knowledge

The battle of Plassey was fought in?
23 June 1757

We know about early Vedic period from which Vedas ?
The Rig Vedas

Universities in the presidency towns in India were established in?

The Vedic deity Indra was the Goddess of ?
Rain and Thunder 

Pulakeshin-2 was the most famous ruler of ?

The only licensed flag production unit in India is located at which among the following places ?
Karnataka Khadi Gramodyoga Samyukta sangha in Hubli 

Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya was founder of ?
Banarash Hindu university and Hindu Mahasabha 

The revolt of 1857 was described as a 'National Rising' by which of the political leader of Britain ?
Benjamin Disraeli 

Babu Vir Kunwar Singh was a leader of revolt of 1857 in which modern state ?

The play Neeldarpan is associated with which revolt ?
Indigo Revolt( Neel Darpan was a Bengali play written by Dinabandhu Mitra in 1858–1859. The play was essential to Nilbidraha, or Indigo revolt of February–March 1859 in Bengal, when farmers refused to sow indigo in their fields as a protest against exploitative farming under the British Raj.)

Which was the most revolutionary secret organization of Bengal ?
Anushilan samiti (Founded by Pramath Nath Mitra,1902. Anushilan Samiti included Mitra's own group, another led by a Bengalee lady by the name of Sarala Devi, and a third one led by Aurobindo Ghosh- one of the strongest proponents of militant nationalism of the time.The Anushilan Samiti had Sri Aurobindo and Deshabandhu Chittaranjan Das as the vice-presidents, Suren Tagore the treasure.)

The Grand Old Man of Indian politics was ?
Dada Bhai Naroji (He is known as the mentor of  Gopal Krishna Gokhale and Mahatama Gandhi)

Where was the venue of All India Khilafat Conference,1919 ?

Which was the Mahatma Gandhi's first fast unto death ?
Ahmedabad Mill Strike (15 march ,1918)

When FERA was replaced by FEMA ?
1 June 2000

How many State and Union Territories of India have Sea Coast ?
9 States and 4 Union Territories (States-Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and West Bengal. Two Union territories with sea-line are Daman & Diu and Puducherry, while Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Lakshadeweep Islands are island territories.)

Which State has the largest deposit of Ilmenite minerals in the Country?
Andhra Pradesh (Ilmenite is one of the most important ores of the metal titanium. It is mined as an important industrial mineral in several deposits throughout the world, and many of them are in placer sands. Ilmenite is very similar in structure to Hematite, and is essentially the same as Hematite with roughly half the iron replaced with titanium. Ilmenite is named after the locality of the Ilmen Mountains, which are a part of the Southern Urals of Russia.)

The 'Great Rift Valley' an Inter-Continental ridge system is located in ?
Africa (approximately 6,000 kilometres (3,700 mi) in length, that runs from northern Jordan Rift Valley in Asia to Mozambique in South Eastern Africa)

The Largest monolith of Granite in the World called "EI Capitan" is located in ?
 U.S.A ( El Captain, the largest monolith of granite in the world is in California’s Yosemite National Park)

The strategic oil- and gas bearing region called “Yamal Peninsula” is located in which country? 
Russia (The Yamal Peninsula stretches some seven hundred kilometres into the Arctic Ocean from the Russian mainland below the Arctic Circle. It is believed that this region has one of the largest oil and gas reserves in the world.)

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