Sunday, 1 February 2015

General Knowledge

The panchayati raj is a ?
Three-tier system

The deepest ocean in the world is?
Pacific Ocean 

Land of white elephant is known as ?

Harappan Culture was of ?

Ilbert bill was passed in ?

Which is the monument at Delhi which is the precursor  of Taj mahal ?
Humayun's tomb.

Who said 'Hanoz Delhi Door Ast'?
Nizamuddin Aulia

Who was the ruler of India when the East India company was set up?

The famous queen Chand Bibi who fought courageously against Akbar belonged to which of the following kingdoms?

European paintings was introduced in the court of ?

Krishna Deva Raya was a contemporary of?

The thickness of the troposphere increases in ?

Fall in air temperature with increasing elevation is known as ?
Lapse rate

What is the name given to winds blowing from subtropical high pressure regions, to the equator?
Tropical easterlies

Where is the doldrums belt located?
Near the equator

The process of change of state of water from solid directly into vapour is called?

When humidity is expressed as a percentage, it is called ?
Relative humidity 

What is measured by the sling psychrometer?

Where is the famous Tuscarora Deep located?
Off Japan

Dew is caused when?
Humid air condenses on cool surface 

Plains form due to the filling up of lakes are called ?
Lacustrine plains

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