Friday, 20 February 2015


River Tigris and Euphrates are associated with ?
Mesopotamina Civilization (this is known as Iraq.)

Which civilization is the oldest civilization of  the world ?
Mesopotamina Civilization (4000 bc - 6th cen. bc ) , after that Egyptain Civilization(3400 bc - 1000bc ) , Hararppan Civilization ( 2500 bc - 1750 bc ) , Chines Civilization (1765 bc - 250 bc )

Which is called "Gift of  the Nile " ?

When Olympics game first held ?
776 bc ( Olympics game was first held in Greek in honour of God Zeus at Mount Olympus in Greece and  then vanished in 580 AD,modern Olympics game was stared in 1896 at Athens and at from then they being held every fourth year.

Marco polo Venetian traveler, traveled from Venice to China and Japan in ?
1288 -93 (Marcoplo was the first European to visit China) 

Who was the first Sail round the World ?
Magellan ( he was the first Portuguese sailor who sail round the world )

America was discovered in ?
1492 (by an Italian Christopher Columbus )

Magna Carta or the great charter was signed in ?

Hebes Corpus Act was passed in ?

"Boston Tea party" incident happened in the year ?

America revolt stared in which year?

America independent was acknowledge in which year and on which treaty ?
1783,Treaty of Paris.

In 1789 which revolution was started ?
French Revolution 

Who was the two revolutionaries of Young Italy movement ?
Mazzini and Garibaldi  

In 1870 Rome was liberated by the soldiers of ?
Italy (and after that Rome became the capital of united Italy )

When did world war 1st stared ?
28 July 1914 to 11 Nov 1918

When did world war 2nd stared?
3rd Sep 1939 - 14th Aug 1945 

What was the most important impact of  World war 2nd ?
Formation of United Nation Organisation (U.N.A)

Who is known as the man of blood and iron ?

Who is Known as the man of destiny ?

Who is known as uncle Ho ?
Ho Chi Minh 

Who was known as the Wizard of North ?
Sir Walter Scott

In which year Hitler became the chancellor of Germany ?

Who was the renaissance scientist who explained how earth move around the sun ?

Russian revolutionaries, who found the communist party was ?

Who was the founder of Socialism ?
Robert Owen 

Who was the founder of Scientific Socialism ?
Karl Marx 

Who say that "Man is a Political animal"and also "Man is a Social animal  ?

Who was the emperor of Russia during Russian Revolution ?
Jar Nicholas -2

Augustus was the first Emperor of ?

Mein Kampf is autobiography of which leader ?
Adolf Hitler

Who was the last Emperor of Rome ?
Romulus augustulus 

The Parliament of Great Britain was formed in the year ?

The first news paper in the world was started in ?

Adolf Hitler committed in ?

Before Independent Ukraine was part of ?

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