Wednesday, 25 February 2015

General Knowledge

The member of Rajya Sabha are elected by ?
Elected member of Legislative assembly

The name of Laccadive,Minicoy,and Amindivi island was changed to Lakshadweep by an act of parliament in ?

The Parliament of India can make use of residuary power ? 
All the time 

The Pension of High Court judge is charged to the ?
Consolidated fund of India 

The minimum age of voters in India is ?
 18 years

The President addressed both the Houses of Parliament assembled together in?
First session after each general election and the first session of each year

The President can dissolve the Lok Sabha on ?
Advice of the Prime minister 

The President can expend out of the Contingency Fund of India ?
Without the approval of Parliament 

The per capita available of doctors per 1000 people in India is ?
0.7/1000 (the ratio that is define by WHO is 3.6/1000)

Which state has more number of Special Economic Zones in India and what is the total Number of Special Economic Zones in India in February?
Tamil Nadu with 36 has maximum SEZ and in India total number of Special Economic Zones is 196

On which date FERA was replaced by FEMA? 
1st June 2000

The steel plants of Durgapur,Bhilai & Rourkela were set-up under which Five Year Plan ?
2nd Five Year Plan

Once a Budget has been presented in the parliament,the government has to get all the money bills related to the union budget passed within ?
75 days 

The first two state in India which has established Panchayati Raj in 1956 ?
Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh 

Which Political party of India has an election symbol almost close to the election symbol of Republican party of USA ?
Bahujan Samaj Party 

The battle of plassey was fought in ?

The first security general of UNO was ?
Trygve Lie 

Which day is observed as International Worker's day ?
1st may

English is Official language of which Indian State ?

National Sports day is observed as on ?
29 August (on the birthday of ndian field hockey player, Major Dhyanchand)

Kalinga Prize is given for contribution in the field of ?

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