Sunday, 4 January 2015

Geography MCQs

Blue revolution is associated with the development and growth of
Fishery sector
Jog or Garsoppa waterfall of India is formed by which river
The Sharavati River
Kunchikal falls(455 meters), the highest waterfall in India and the second highest in Asia is formed by which river
Varahi River (in Karnataka)
In Canada, cold winds accompanied by snow are called
The average of maximum and minimum temperatures within 24 hours is
Mean daily temperature
The Bhakhra Nangal multipurpose project is situated on
The Sutlej River
Jet streams are usually found in the
Institute of Forest Genetic Tree Breeding is located in
Granite is the most significant example of
Acidic igneous rocks
Which pressure belt is commonly known as "Horse Latitudes"
Sub-tropical high pressure belt
The Florida straits is located between the Bay of Mexico and
The Atlantic Ocean
In Malaysia, shifting agriculture is known as
Which type of soils are called Reh, Kallar and usar
Saline and Alkali soils
The study of soil
Prabhat is an early short duration variety of
Red gram
HD2697 is the new high yielding variety of
What is the suitable temperature condition for the cultivation of sugar cane
20 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius
The biggest rubber producing state in India is
The most ideal region for the cultivation of cotton in India is
Deccan plateau
India occupies what percent of World area
2.4 percent
What is Vongfong
A typhoon (Typhoon Vongfong was the most intense tropical cyclone that struck Japan in October 2014. This typhoon has also affected Philippines and Taiwan area.)

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