Monday, 5 January 2015

General Knowledge

NASA's Map instrument is to be used to measure
Amount of moisture in Earth's soil
Which Indian scientists have been named among the top 10 Global Scientists by Nature Magazine
 Radhika Nagpal & K.Radhakrishnan
"Nanoplug" is refers to
 World's smallest hearing aids
Which state recently launched Mobile Governance Platform "Mobile One"
The recently announced "Newton Bhabha Fund" is a collaboration between India and
United Kingdom
A Boeing aircraft has completed the world's first flight using which of the following fuels
Green diesel (It is a sustainable biofuel and is made from vegetable oils, waste cooking oil and animal fats.)
Recently launched GSAT-16 is a 
Communication satellite
Which of the following Indian-American Scientists has been appointed as one of the science Envoys of the US
Arun Majumdar
Recently, Which material is recommended for making "bullet proof jackets"
Graphene (Graphene is 100 times stronger than steel)
What is name of two sub-atomic particles recently discovered at CERN(European organization for Nuclear Research)
Xi_b' and Xi_b*
What is name of Indian Top ranking (52 rank) in Top 500 supercomputer list
Prithvi iDataFlex located at Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology.India have 9 super computer in top 500 list
Currently, Tianhe-2 is the fastest supercomputer in the world. It belongs to which country
China (speed-33.86 Peta Flop)
Akash Missile recently test fired by Indian Air Force is a
Surface to Air Missile
The first zero gravity 3D printer has been installed by
Which mission is sent to probe the pluto atmosphere
New Horizons is NASA space probe mission
What is name of scheme which will provide "Digital Life Certificate for Pensioners"
Jeevan Pramaan (There will be no need to get life proof from CPAO)   
Which bird is known to travel one of the longest distance
Amur Falcon (Amur Falcon travels up to 22,000 km a year)
Name the company which has set up the world's tallest wind generator turbine at Kutch (Gujarat)
Suzlon Energy 
Which country become the third country in the world to have "return mission to moon"
China (USA, Russia and  China have done "return mission to moon", it means spacecraft return back from moon.)
The world's largest telescope being developed by India along with Japan, USA, Canada and China and will be installed by 2022 at
Mt. Mauna Kea, Hawaii
Which two countries have signed pacts for space cooperation
India and Mexico
Which Spacecraft has returned safely to Earth after concluding its mission to the International Space Station(ISS)
Space X Dragon 

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