Tuesday, 1 December 2015

December 1

Recently India launched an International Solar Alliance (ISA) at the CoP21 Climate Conference in Paris. Examine the  significance and objectives this Alliance. (200 Words)International Solar Alliance was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at CoP21 in Paris. The new body has invited all countries located partly or fully between the tropics of Cancer and tropics of Capricon to join. ISA is to function from the National Institute of Solar Energy in India, Gurgaon.
Significance of ISA
India set the target for Intended Nationally Determined Contributions to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 33-35 percent by 2030 below its 2005 level. To achieve this, the government has launched Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission for the generation of 20 GW solar power by 2022. India is the third highest greenhouse gas emitter after China(29 percent of global GHG emission) and US(15 percent of global GHG emission). ISA will help India to meet its commitment of 40 percent of non-fossil fuel energy to be adopted by 2030.
Objectives of ISA
The objective of ISA is to reduce the cost of finance and technology that is needed to deploy solar power widely. However, generation and storage technology would be adapted to the individual countries' need. The task that alliance will pursue are, cooperation in training, building institutions, regulatory issues, common standards, and investment including joint ventures. India can also get upper hand over the WTO dispute with US solar panel industries, because with ISA India will have cheaper technology available with her.