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Daily News Mail - News of 26/05/2015

Salwa Judum-2 is born in Bastar
  • Salwa Judum founder Mahendra Karma’s son Chhavindra Karma and former leaders of the anti-Maoist militia formed “Vikas Sangharsh Samiti” on May 4 in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh, which will carry forward the work of Salwa Judum in Bastar.
  • “I had invited all the leaders and workers associated with the Salwa Judum for a meeting on Monday. The new samiti will strive to bring peace to Bastar,” Chhavindra Karma said.
  • Asked if it could be called Salwa Judum part two, Mr. Karma said, “Yes, you can call it so. The new outfit will undertake padyatra (marches) in various parts of Bastar to spread awareness against Maoism. We will seek the help of the State government so that our awareness campaigns would be followed by development works in the region.”
  • The Supreme Court had declared the Salwa Judum “illegal and unconstitutional” and had ordered its disbandment in 2011.
“Peaceful movement”
  • Led by former Congress leader Mahendra Karma, the anti-Maoist militia was blamed for large-scale “forcible displacement” of Bastar tribals and extra-judicial killings.
  • “The Salwa Judum part two will be peaceful. Our main aim is to finish Maoism in Bastar and bring development. Already more than 18 village panchayats have banned the entry of Maoists in their villages,” claimed Mr. Karma.
  • Chaitram Mattami, P.Vijay, Sattar Ali and Sukhram Dadi, who had led Salwa Judum in their respective areas in its first edition, attended the meeting on May 4.
  • Chaitram Mattami, P. Vijay and Mr. Chhavindra Karma would be leading the new anti-Maoist outfit and its first major event will take place in Karma’s ancestral village Faraspal in Dantewada on the second death anniversary of Mahendra Karma on May 25. He died in a Maoist attack in 2013.
  • All Salwa Judum leaders from Konta block in Sukma to Bhopalpattnam block in Bijpur district of Bastar attended 4 May’s meeting, claimed Mr. Karma.

Bastar IG backs Karma junior’s campaign
  • The Bastar range Inspector General (IG) of Police, S.R. Kalluri came in full support of the Vikas Sangharsh Samiti (an anti-Maoist group formed by Salwa Judum founder Mahendra Karma’s son Chhavindra Karma) on May 25 and called it “an attempt to bridge the gap of so-called historical injustice” towards Bastar tribals.
Round-the-world solar plane readies for Pacific crossing
  • Solar Impulse (Si2), the solar plane on a mission to fly around the globe without a drop of fuel, is all set for a challenging 8,000-km journey on May 26, flying non-stop from Nanjing in China to Hawaii in the central Pacific, a media report said on May 25.
  • For Si2, which is powered by more than 17,000 solar cells installed on its 72-metre wings, it will be its greatest challenge yet, BBC reported, adding the experimental aircraft could take five-six days and nights of continuous flight to reach its destination.
  • So far, Si2’s flights were restricted to about 20 hours’ maximum duration.
  • The aircraft began its journey on March 9.
Solar Impulse 2

Direct tax collection target for 2015-16 achievable: Das
  • The direct tax collection target of Rs.7.98 lakh crore for the current financial year was likely to be met on account of improvement in economic growth, government said on May 25.
  • “The target of Rs.7.98 lakh crore that has been set for 2015-16 is very much achievable. It is a very realistic target, aligned with the kind of GDP growth, which has been forecast in the economic survey and it is also based on our internal analysis and past and historical trends,” said Revenue Secretary Shaktikanta Das. Mr. Shaktikanda Das has asked the Income Tax department to address the issue of delay in processing as well as incorrect processing of the returns filed.
  • “All the rectification of mistakes has to be done in a maximum period of six months,” he said at the annual conference of top tax officials here.

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